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CWP Maintenance Agreement

Protect the investment you made in your Laser Printers!

The ultimate option when you want total coverage, protection against the cost of expensive repairs and the administrative ease of one invoice per year. Our Maintenance Agreement is among the most comprehensive in the industry.

 Its features include:

  • Unlimited requested service calls;
  • All parts & labour are included;
  • No charge loaners if shop repair is necessary;
  • No extra charges for shop work;
  • Fast call response;
  • Preventative Maintenance on all covered equipment;
  • Automatically renewed each year never be without the service coverage you need!
Fast Call Response
Laser printers are an integral part of processing documents in todays office environment.  Our Maintenance Agreement customers contract with CWP to ensure that a alfunctioning laser is repaired and back in service as soon as possible.  CWP offers fast response to your emergency service call and complete repairs that are guaranteed. Most times, you will see our technician on the same day you placed your service request. 
Unlimited Service Requests
CWPs technicians strive to complete a thorough repair of your printer.  We fix the problem that you called about and we look for other problems that may not have shown up yet operationally.  Our efforts are designed to reduce the downtime due to failure. However, no matter how many times your laser printer requires an emergency call, CWP will be there and at no additional charge.
Preventative Maintenance
Even if you never place a call for service, CWPs Maintenance Agreement includes annual visits to your laser printer to check its operation, make necessary adjustments, replace suspect parts, lubricate and clean.  This visit is scheduled by CWP at your convenience.  And you can schedule a second visit yourself within the contract period if you feel its necessary.  Better to correct a potential problem on your schedule than deal with an equipment failure during busy, productive periods.
Service Loaners
Our field technicians carry a wide assortment of replacement components that are historically more apt to fail.  These parts are with them in their tool case or in their service vehicle.  This means that, in most cases, we can affect the repair immediately.  Where the component requiring replacement is not immediately available or if the printer must come to our shop due to the nature of the failure, we can provide your office with a loaner of equal or better configuration.  That loaner is yours to use until your printer is repaired and working.
For more information about the CWP Maintenance Agreement contact us at sales@cwpsolutions or by calling 1-800-387-8973.